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Most Ranked Virtual Data Room Providers

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) have revolutionized the transaction process. Instant 24/7/365 access from any location and any device with Internet connection, Virtual data room secure data management and storing as well as substantial time and money savings during confidential business deals are the key reasons why businesses turn VDRs instead of physical data rooms. Plus, the online version of physical deal rooms takes away all many pitfalls and risks, reducing the possibility of deal not going on as planned.Virtual Data Rooms Today a VDR became a secure online meeting place for all parties involved in the deal. Providing full control during online due diligence processes, these secure online data repositories simplify the cooperation between all parties. The virtual data room has evolved to become a tool to facilitate the entire deal course, not just for to perform due diligence. Apart from M&A, virtual data room software is widely used for such deals as loan syndication, private equity and venture. Typically, virtual data rooms are widely used in many industries, including the following ones:
Biotech, Business Brokers, Accounting, Investment Banking, Loan Advisers, Real Estate, Energy, Legal, Government, Consulting, Media, Pharmaceutical, Venture Capital, Manufacturing, IT and Telecommunications, Healthcare Financial Advisers
As a result, online data room providers appear on the market almost daily. Many of offer some similar services, such as secure data storage, data management and sharing. The other functions may greatly vary. The best virtual data rooms offer military level security, multi-language support, full text search, in-document linking, and a wide-ranging selection of other advanced functions.

1 - iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals Virtual Data Room is a powerful data sharing solution used by more than 4,000 companies worldwide, including many Fortune 1000 companies since 2008. This success is based on a continuous innovation approach, including constant R&D efforts, powerful cloud infrastructure, and instantly available customer services. With iDeals’ advanced document sharing technology and shatterproof security, dealmakers worldwide can fully comply with due diligence requirements.

2 - Intralinks Dealspace

Intralinks is a global technology provider of secure content management and collaboration solutions. Founded in 1996, Intralinks enables the exchange, control, and management of information between organizations through their virtual data room and deal space solutions, suitable for data sharing inside and outside of the corporate firewall. The company’s key product, Intralinks VIA, supports strategic collaboration solutions for a range of industries, including financial services, life sciences, technology and manufacturing.

3 - Merrill Datasite

Merrill DataSite is a secure virtual data room solution that streamlines the due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, disposals, IPO, or any transaction requiring a due diligence effort. The virtual data room (VDR) solutions from Merrill DataSite enable customers to complete faster, smarter and better transactions. Explore how Merrill DataSite dramatically reduces transaction times and deal expense through the presentation of documents in the data room.

4 - Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Brainloop Secure Dataroom is an advanced virtual workspace with complete security architecture, global 24/7 availability via a web browser, and its own apps for tablets. Brainloop ensures secure collaboration in a transparently secure online workspace while delivering end-to-end protection for confidential documents. Learn why enterprises worldwide use Brainloop for boardroom communications, research and development processes, legal work, and any other area where you need to share confidential documents.

5 - SmartRoom VDR

SmartRoom provides its virtual data room services for numerous business areas, such as capital markets, legal solutions, corporate exchange. Secure document hosting and sharing among partners, convenient management of sensitive corporate information, confidential discussion of the data directly within the platform.

6 - Watchdox by Blackberry

WatchDox by BlackBerry provides secure mobile solutions for data sharing and distribution with its virtual data room that enables users to more easily collaborate as it increases their productivity. Uniting data-centric security with a user-friendly experience WatchDox applies security and advanced digital rights management (DRM) to documents going from your preferred enterprise content repositories to multiple destinations within and outside your organization, including web, desktop and mobile.

7 - Box Virtual Data Room

Box is a secure content management and collaboration platform founded in 2005. Recently Box file introduced a virtual data room service with advanced security features, digital rights management, and convenient file storage system to upload contracts, financial statements and other due diligence files. Multiple layers of protection keep business-critical information safe and secure while helping teams and enterprises across industries easily share, manage, and collaborate on their most important information from anywhere, on any device. Don't Miss: Best Forex Trading Platforms

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